BMH Feedgear was founded in 1980 by 3 engineers who decided that they had had enough of working for someone else.


Ken Broughton, Alasdair (Mac) McLeod and Colin Hood left Rockware Kingspeed not knowing what, if anything, the future held for them. Between them they had developed a vast knowledge of container handling experience having worked for many years at Kingston Conveyors Ltd which eventually became Rockware Kingspeed Ltd.


In the early years of BMH Feedgear they were glad for any sort of work they could pick up, on the basis that any work was better than no work. As the years passed by they became more and more established within the bottling industry, gaining a first class reputation with regards to Feedworms and Changeparts.


Their reputation grew to such an extent that it became evident that there were only just enough hours in the day to be able to cope with the ever increasing workload of Changeparts and Feedworms. The decision was taken to concentrate solely on Feedworms, Changeparts and the BMH Invertor which at that time had a worldwide patent.


The early years saw BMH Feedgear working from 1 factory unit on the Sutton Fields Industrial Estate which is to the East of the city of Hull. As the years progressed and the BMH reputation grew, the workforce grew with it, the 1 factory unit became 2 units, and then 2 units became 3.


The current workforce, including the partners, Dave Broughton, Paul Hudson & Phillip Hood stands at a total of 13. Ken Broughton sadly passed away in 2006. Alasdair Mcleod and Colin Hood have both retired.


When the BMH Invertor was invented in 1980 it became a patented item, Ken Broughton flew around the world selling licenses to companies far and wide, Japan, Germany, Australia, USA, Sweden and South Africa to name but a few. The BMH Invertor was, and still is manufactured all around the world.


BMH Feedgear were probably one of the very first companies to realise the potential of machining with the aid of computers. With the assistance of the local university, BMH developed a program for manufacturing feedworms on what were basically standard horizontal milling machines. This new system of manufacturing feedworms helped BMH to supply feedworms with an infinite variable acceleration, giving the customer an even better product than had ever before thought possible. The very first commercially viable feedworm ever produced using this new state of the art manufacturing system was sold in February 1985. All BMH Feedworms are stamped with the prefix 'C', the very first was stamped C/100, as of may 2016 we are now at C/29637 and increasing.


As the 1980's drew to a close and the dawning of the computer age really took off in the 90's, BMH Feedgear continued to invest in this new era. BMH Feedgear purchased their first Bridgeport CNC milling machine and moved into the new world of computer aided design. At this time stars and guides were still being manufactured by hand, it soon became evident that more investment was needed to improve upon this side of the business which by now was expanding at a rapid rate of knots. BMH made the decision to purchase a Wadkin CNC routing machine to help with the manufacture of stars and guides. This was possibly one of the wisest investments they ever made.The Wadkin CNC router not only enabled BMH to reduce delivery times and increase production, but it allowed them to move into unexplored avenues.


To date, BMH Feedgear continue to be not only one of the leading manufacturers of changeparts and feedworms, but are also able to supply things from as adverse as polyethylene flooring for swimming pools to nylon brackets for airport luggage handling conveyors. Basically, if it is made from plastic there is a good chance that BMH can manufacture it.


So now as of 2016 some 35 years later we are still a leading supplier to many big name companies yet still do not employ any sales reps or rely on magazine adverts to bring in business. Our reputation is the best sales pitch or advert we could ever hope for.

Our very first Invertor

Ken Broughton & Alasdair Mcleod

Our Factory in Hull

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